North West London Jewish Day School

To Year 4 teachers

Thanks so much for always being there and all the hard work you do for us We miss you Lots of love.

Lielle Amar.

To Mrs Shoota:

Thank you for everything Mrs Shoota! We are all so appreciative of all you have done for the children and your enthusiasm and dedication! Thank you! X

Anonymous, Year 1

To Yosh Radomsky and Sara Halter:

Inspiring, kind, hardworking and dedicated. Working tirelessly during these times to ensure our children do not miss out and education is still fun and exciting. Thank you so much.

Anonymous, Year 6 

To all the staff:

To all the staff at NWLJDS. You are doing the most AMAZING job! Thank you for your tireless dedication to our children's education, and a special thank you to Miss Caplan who always goes above and beyond.

Sara and David Elias, Year 4 

To Ms Caplan:

You do so much for the school - thank you for absolutely everything!!

Anonymous, Year 6 

To Mrs Gordon, Mrs Dorman, Mrs Saggi & Mr Kramar:

Thank you to the Year 5 team at NWLJDS for everything they are doing for our children! We are so very grateful for all your hard work and appreciate everything you do. Thank you! X

Orli, Year 5 

To Year 1 team - Mrs Shoota, Mrs Isaac, Mr Greenberg:

Thank you so much to all of my teachers for teaching me at home - I miss you and can’t wait to come back to school but Zoom is good for now 😉 THANK YOU!

Sam Selig, Year 6

To Year 6 Team:

Dear Year 6 team, thank you for making this awful situation so much more bearable for the whole family by keeping Leo learning, engaged and happy, and crucially, independent. It feels so much easier to balance working with homeschooling, from a parent's perspective, this time round, thanks to your dedication and enthusiasm. Keep up the amazing work!

Leo, Year 6

To Mrs Waters, Miss Sethi, Mrs Taub:

Thank you so much for the tremendous amount of effort you have put into preparing and delivering the online lessons for Year 2. Zac is really engaged and loves seeing you all as well as all his friends. You are always happy to be there and your excellent planning takes a huge amount of pressure of the parents, which is particularly appreciated by this busy working Mum! Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Zachary/Sharon, Year 2

To Miss Caplan, Mr Radomsky, Rabbi Broder:

Thank you so much for your exceptional leadership throughout lockdown and especially the provisions that you have laid on for the children to ensure effective homeschooling. You have been constantly communicating and updating us on a very fast-changing situation and the little touches (such as Golden Books and Tu Beshvat platters) are appreciated by both kids and parents.

Zachary/Sharon, Year 2 

To All Year 6 Teaching Team:

You are all amazing and have made lockdown learning fun and I have learnt loads. I miss being in school and can't wait to come back. Thank you for all your hard work and support.

Shem, Year 6