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The Jewish Chronicle

Articles of interest from the PaJeS section in Education Features of the Jewish Chronicle during Covid-19

Education White Paper offers too little to cope with effects of pandemic 10/4/22
New modern Jewish history course plugs gap in the classroom 3/4/22
How to talk to children about the conflict in Ukraine 20/3/22
How schools can keep their political balance 28/2/22
Board of Deputies welcomes new guidance for schools to avoid bias when teaching about Israel 17/2/22
Emotional literacy is the greatest gift you can give your child 13/2/22
Schools network PaJeS becomes independent from the Jewish Leadership Council 17/1/22
Schools ready for more Covid disruption 6/1/22

Yavneh is named top non-selective state school 13/12/21
Schools celebrating as pupils shine in most difficult of years 13/8/21
Over half A-level passes at A* in Jewish schools 10/8/21
Nancy Reuben wins debating cup 30/7/21
Police issue child safety leaflet in wake of JFS downgrade 1/7/21
School leaders briefed on consent culture 30/4/21
What to do if you are without a Jewish school place 16/3/21
Why you must tick 'Jewish' on the census 11/3/21
Don’t forget the brighter moments 25/2/21
Food support programme for schools to expand 10/2/21
After clapping for carers, let's say thanks to teachers 25/1/21
Don’t let schools collapse under financial pressure 22/1/21
Who’d be in a teacher’s shoes? 18/1/21
Hollywood prizes for new sixth form Jewish studies 18/1/21
Scramble for lockdown school places 7/1/21

The Jewish News

Parents advised on coping with children’s Ukraine crisis fears 15/3/22

32 principals from Jewish schools take part in headteachers conference 24/11/21
Jewish students take part in inaugural inter-school debating competition 26/7/21
Student pitches win grants to improve school experience post-lockdown 14/7/21
SPECIAL REPORT: How the pandemic has transformed education in Jewish schools 10/6/21
Pressure on heads has created a crisis 10/6/21
Schools failing on antisemitism could flunk inspections, Ofsted warns 7/6/21
Jewish News Podcast: On the frontline in the classroom 4/6/21
Sometimes our children don’t know how to ask 13/5/21
Parents urged not to panic after missing out on Jewish school places 17/3/21
Food voucher scheme for students at Jewish schools extended until June 10/2/21
Thank a teacher for keeping children safe 26/1/21

The Jewish Weekly

War in Ukraine talk addresses children's fears 17/3/22
PaJes running Free School Meals initiative 11/2/21

The Jewish Telegraph

One in six Jewish families get school meals free 26/3/21