PaJeS to become independent of the JLC

JLC and its education division PaJeS (Partnerships for Jewish Schools) have today announced that PaJeS has become independent of the JLC.

The Jewish Leadership Council’s (JLC) report in 2008 on ‘The Future of Jewish Schools’ and subsequent report ‘The Future of Jewish Schools: Three Years On’ recognised the major shift in Jewish education with the number of Jewish children in Jewish schools at a record high. This reckoning required a serious and thoughtful response to help schools shape their strategic future, and thereby strengthen Jewish life in the UK. As such, in 2012, the JLC established a division of the JLC - Partnerships for Jewish Schools (PaJeS) – to tackle this issue.

PaJeS’ first Chair was the JLC’s most recent past Chair, Jonathan Goldstein, and the work of PaJeS remains closely held and revered. It is with huge pride that PaJeS has gone from strength to strength and has adapted and evolved as the need has required. The JLC’s ambition was for PaJeS in time to become independent of the JLC while still closely connected. This important development, especially at a time when PaJeS’ services and expertise are required more than ever, is a testament to the foresight and professionalism of its staff led by Rabbi David Meyer OBE and the dedication of the Chair of its Advisory Board, Sarah Anticoni.

With increased independence, PaJeS will continue to flourish and, as a member of the JLC, continue to provide the high quality provision of support and training on which schools have come to depend.

The separation has been carried out in a way which respects and values both parties. Both the JLC and PaJeS play essential roles in servicing the community and where relevant, and especially with regards to Public Affairs, the two organisations will continue to work closely together.

We were all saddened by the untimely passing of the Assistant Director of PaJeS, Lady Lira Winston z”l. Lira was with the organisation since its inception and she passionately believed in its role in supporting Jewish schools. She had been a driving force in planning this exciting new phase of PaJeS’ development.


Jonathan Goldstein, outgoing Chair of the Jewish Leadership Council said:

“The success of PaJeS is a typical JLC success. The JLC identifies key gaps in communal architecture, and we develop and then execute a plan to resolve it. Since 2012, PaJeS within the JLC has been providing unique support for our growing and successful Jewish school sector. Our schools are the pride of our community and they deserve only the highest quality support, which PaJeS provides. PaJeS becoming independent of the JLC as its next step in its growth will provide PaJeS with the freedom it needs to continue to
service our schools. We will be delighted to continue working closely with the new organisation and to welcome PaJeS as a member of the JLC.”

Sarah Anticoni, Chairwoman of PaJeS:

“PaJeS has come of age thanks to the initial vision and support of the JLC, led by Jonathan Goldstein. Our commitment to supporting Jewish schools , their leadership teams and staff is as strong as ever. We will continue to strive to make pupils’ Jewish school experience, an excellent one.”

Professor David Latchman, Chairman of the Wohl Foundation said:

“The Wohl Legacy has been a proud funder of PaJeS for many years. The JLC had the vision to establish a schools’ division and it has grown into a leading communal organisation. Today PaJeS supports a wide range of Jewish schools across the country, and its growth over the years is a testament to the dedication of its team.

“PaJeS will now graduate from the JLC and we are excited to watch the next steps of this journey. We wish them every success. “

Marina Yudborovsky, CEO of Genesis Philanthropy Group said:

“Both the JLC and PaJeS have been key to our strategy in the UK Jewish community, because each provides a highly effective platform for reaching a whole network of organizations. Seeing these organizations grow and evolve in order to remain relevant and impactful is incredibly gratifying and we look forward to seeing both organizations continue to flourish in this new format.”