Primary Ivrit


PaJeS works with primary Ivrit teachers in over 30 Jewish primary schools in the UK.

PaJeS' primary Ivrit programme, Ivritbeclick, supports teachers to deliver high-quality lessons that are in line with the National Curriculum and incorporate the latest modern foreign language teaching methodologies. It also aims to make Ivrit an accessible and enjoyable subject for pupils and one which strengthens their connection to Israel.

Ivritbeclick is an online interactive resource for the teaching of Ivrit, developed in partnership with the Center for Educational Technology (CET/Matach) and with the support of the Maurice Wohl Charitable Foundation. It has been written and designed for children in Key Stage 2 (aged 7-11) but some elements are appropriate for older and younger children.



Each unit of Ivritbeclick is built around a video clip showing everyday life for children in Israel. The clips are used as springboards to learning, introducing new vocabulary and language structures in a progressive and structured way. Each unit also includes interactive activities and games, worksheets and flashcards as well as a digital comic generator.

Ivritbeclick is a flexible resource that can stand alone or can supplement other teaching. It can be used in all schools regardless of the numbers of teaching hours to Ivrit. It aims to build a bridge to Israel and develop an understanding of the lives of Israeli children and its culture.

Ivritbeclick is currently used by over 35 schools in the UK and a number of schools abroad.

Professional Development

PaJeS provides CPD opportunities and one-to-one support for teachers of Modern Hebrew in UK primary schools. This enables teachers to implement the ivritbeclick programme effectively, and also to keep up to date with new initiatives and approaches to teaching MFL in general.

PaJeS has worked with a number of British and international top MFL trainers and experts to deliver bespoke CDP events for Modern Hebrew teachers. This includes Rachel Hawkes, Greg Horton, Martine Pillette and Dr Vardit Ringvald who is regarded as one of the world’s leading scholars of Hebrew pedagogy.

In addition, PaJeS run an Annual Ivrit Conference for primary and secondary Modern Hebrew teachers.