Primary Jewish Studies Curriculum

Chumash Curriculum

The PaJeS (formerly JCP) Primary Chumash curriculum is currently used in 25 Jewish primary schools in the UK, with over 3,000 children following it each week. It is also taught in several schools in Australia and South Africa.

The goal of the curriculum is to empower pupils to become independent and motivated Chumash learners.

It is designed for pupils in Key Stage 2 (ages 7-11), with 15 Units of study focusing on selected texts mainly from Sefer Bereishit, but also including texts from Parshiot Shemot and Emor.

The curriculum provides teachers with clear teachers’ guides, and a wide range of resources and assessment tools. All these are available online for easy access and adaptation.

For schools using the curriculum, we offer ongoing CPD and individual coaching for teachers.

Tefillah (Mesilot Lashem)

Mesillot Lashem (Pathways to Hashem) is a bold and creative set of online resources for teaching Tefillah. It has been designed for children aged 7-11 but is also suitable for younger and older children.

The curriculum has a dual focus on knowledge and competence in Tefillah, and Tefillah as a meaningful and positive experience.

Mesillot Lashem looks at the key Tefillot in Shacharit, as well as Birkat Hamazon, Hallel and the Tefillot of Shabbat. It also includes resources designed to address some of the fundamental questions that arise from Tefillah.

Online resources include:

  • Recordings of tefillot sung to traditional and new melodies
  • Short animations explaining the context of each tefillah ‘on one foot’
  • Interactive keyword activities to support children’s understanding of the tefillah
  • Interactive teaching presentations explaining the meaning and relevance of the tefillot
  • Movies exploring concepts related to the tefillot
  • Animations of related stories 

The materials are designed to be used during daily Tefillah, in dedicated Tefillah lessons or as part of the Jewish Studies curriculum.

Parashat Hashavua

The Parashat Hashavua curriculum is designed to promote progression in learning about the weekly parasha and explores Mitzvot and Middot that are relevant to children's lives. Written for children aged 4-11 it encompasses social and moral issues and provides valuable opportunities for linking the weekly Parasha with PSHCE and fundamental British values.

The curriculum consists of: 

  • Topic Grids which identify the main ideas found within each parasha
  • Curriculum Maps which develop the storylines, mitzvot and middot within each parasha
  • A series of illustrations which bring the stories and values to life for Foundation Stage and Key Stage One
  • A Middot Mitzvah Grid which identifies the values to be taught across each sefer 
  • Cross curricular opportunities for linking the parashot to other topics across the school curriculum


For further information about our curricula contact:

Esther Colman (London schools): [email protected].uk

Lizzie Caplan (Northern UK and International schools): [email protected]

For information about Training/CPD and for temporary access to view our materials online, contact: Alison Maurice: [email protected]