Raisel Freedman


Raisel Freedman is Assistant Director at PaJeS having held a number of roles since joining in 2015. She is an education policy expert and represents Jewish schools at a governmental level advocating for them across a wide range of issues. Engaging with key stakeholders such as Ofsted, interfaith partners and relevant education bodies is integral to her work.

She has led the PaJeS response to numerous consultations and inquiries over the years including Dame Louise Casey’s social integration inquiry and by writing guidance for schools around the implementation of RSHE. Raisel supports school leaders in navigating DfE guidance and Ofsted requirements and communicating key concerns back to both. She also manages projects specifically impacting the Jewish community such as schools’ gift aid issues and leading research into the provision of school places across the community and then bringing schools together to reflect on the findings.

Raisel holds a BA in Law and Politics and a Masters in European Jewish History. As a graduate of the Chief Rabbi’s Ma’ayan programme she runs a hotline for her local synagogue giving women the opportunity to ask sensitive questions regarding family purity laws to a woman instead of their local Rabbi.

Outside of the office Raisel is an avid reader, podcast enthusiast and keen runner and finds it surprising how often these interests overlap.