Resources for schools

PaJeS Support for Heads and SLT/DSLs    

ERIC Critical Incident Psychological Safety Plan
ERIC Helpful Conversations to Reassure Children

Supporting your Children with their Emotional Well-being and Physical Safety Presentation

Guidance for welcoming Israeli children and young people into UK schools

Presentations from the recording above:
Dr Talya Greene – How can we support children and young people in the UK to cope with the situation in Israel?
Dr Hannah Abrahams – How can we help our children when they are feeling anxious?

Trauma Informed Response to the Current Situation Presentation - for DSLs and Wellbeing Leads
Accompanying Resources  and Annie Chappell notes


Other Support for Heads and SLT

Letter to headteachers and governors - Board of Deputies of British Jews

CST Security Bulletin


PaJeS Primary Resources

Supporting primary school children

Praying for Israel 

Resources to aid conversations and strategies to help young people

Israel Social Story - for autistic/SEN children


PaJeS Secondary Resources

Supporting secondary school children

Guidance for Headteachers

JTracks CPD "Teaching Controversy in Jewish Schools" given by Glenn Bezalel 

PaJeS Modern Jewish History Curriculum


Other School Resources

UnitEd's Jewish Ed Tech Hub

UnitEd Jewish Education Here you can find materials concerning the war. Be aware - these materials were not developed solely for educators, so use discretion when thinking of using these sources

War In Israel Education Hub: a selection of important sources to help you navigate all the information out there - I-gnite

Talking Points: Suggested Responses to Frequently Asked Questions About Israel - Ignite

Advice to Jewish teachers and non-teaching staff in mainstream schools - Stand Up!

Advice for parents of Jewish children in non-Jewish schools and teachers working in non-Jewish schools - Board of Deputies

Teaching tefillah in troubling times - Herzog Global, 5th November

Crisis in Israel- Herzog College

Tefillah Resources  - Torah Live


Speakers and Training

Stand Up! education against discrimination – goes into mainstream schools to tackle antisemitism.

Streetwise Sessions for Schools

Peace through Knowledge - Meedu


Additional Support and Guidance 

Educational Materials, Resources and Activities on the War for Jewish Day Schools - UnitEd

Hub of different collated resources - Lookstein Centre 

More links to other resources - UJIA 

LSJS resources - collated list of organisations and resources - LSJS 

Responding to Crisis - Jewish Education Center of Cleveland

Unpacking the War With Your Students - Unpacked for Educators

Israel Information Portal - JLC

Latest News from Israel - BICOM


Disclaimer: Please note that wherever possible we have checked the content of all these resources. However, before sharing, educators should ensure they are suitable for their school and students.