Rosh Pinah Primary School

To Miss Fields & all year 4 teachers:

Thank you for your patience and dedication, it's truly appreciated and to Miss Fields for always staying online and helping me.  You are amazing! Thank you 

Saskia, Year 4 

To Mr Dolby, Miss Freeman and Mr Pearl:

Thank you so much for everything you're doing to keep the Year 5 kids engaged and happy. Despite staring at a computer all day, Guy is focused, enthusiastic and eager and it's clearly down to the level of input and effort coming from you. Guy's grandmother is a retired teacher and she can't imagine what you must be going through to keep so many kids on top of everything in such a challenging virtual setting.

Mr Dolby, your guitar lessons which you have volunteered to teach in your own personal time is hugely appreciated and gives Guy a wonderful new skill and a creative outlet.

Thank you for everything,
From Guy and his family

Guy, Year 5

To Miss Nissan and all the Reception teachers:

Thank you so much for the amazing support and teaching you’ve given the children over lockdown. You all work tirelessly and with incredible enthusiasm to make sure the children continue to receive the best education, even in these really difficult circumstances. Thank you!

Charlotte, Reception 

To all my Year 2 Teachers:

Thank you for all my work and fun lessons. I miss you and hope I can see you soon.
Love Rebekah xx

Rebekah, Year 2

To all the Teachers in Year 4 especially Miss Field and Mrs Levy:

A huge thank you to all my year 4 teachers
Thank you for all your hard work & support and well brilliant ‘live’ lessons 

Ruby, Year 4

To Mr Dolby:

Been fantastic with all the children and really encouraging

Joshua, Year 5

To all the Teachers and TAs in Year 1 and Year 4:

A huge thank you to all our teachers and TAs. The effort and patience from you all is incredible, especially through this strange time. Thank you for all your support and for making our lessons so engaging x 

Zachy and Noah Young, Year 4

To Mrs Levy:

Thank you for always being so patient with me I love our live lessons although I miss being in school. 💓😊😀🍬🍭🎀🎈🍉💐🌸🦄🌈

Summer Wise, Year 4

To Mrs Feingold, Mrs Goldstein, Mrs Sasto, Mrs Mitchell and Mrs Kramer:

To all my teachers - thank you for being so lovely and funny in all my lessons. I love having live lessons with you all and I miss you lots.

Lots of love

Poppy, Year 2

To all the Teachers:

Thank you to all the teachers at Rosh Pinah who have been going above and beyond to help with all aspects of home learning so that it goes as smoothly as possible! We appreciate everything you’re doing

Jacob and Liora Harris, Year 3

To the Reception staff:

Thank you to the amazing staff in Reception for all the hard work and support you give all of us.

Anonymous, Reception

To all the staff:

Thank you to all the really amazing work that all the staff at Rosh Pinah is doing. The children are so grateful for the incredible lessons!

Anonymous, Year 3

To Mrs Laskowicz:

Thank you for all your hard work and perseverance through the online schooling these past few weeks. Talia May not say much but is enjoying the sessions.

Talia, Year 3

To Mrs Levinson:

Thank you for everything you do for me! I’m very Lucky to be in year 5 with you and Mr Dolby

Leo, Year 5