School services: Helping schools save money through a group purchasing model

PaJeS believes that collaboration is essential for the future of Jewish schools. The Jewish Schools Network (JSN) is an umbrella organisation that supports clusters of Jewish schools across the UK and offers them competitive, sustainable and high quality educational programming, services and support. The JSN helps to give strategic vision to schools as well as providing a platform for schools to work together, achieving economies of scale and enhancing the quality of the provision being delivered to students.

Through a group purchasing model, the JSN helps schools to realise significant savings on essential items such as utilities, administrative supplies, staff recruitment, ICT, insurance and security.

Lipi Werjuka has recently joined PaJeS part time to move forward the JSN’s commercial offering and to develop opportunities for more integrated working across the Jewish educational sector.

The Jewish Schools Network has developed its commercial offering to include supporting schools through a range of transformational projects including people restructuring and supporting the conversion programme for schools pursuing Academisation. Please contact us should you have any requirements at