Secondary Ivrit

Yesh Va'Yesh: The Wohl Hebrew Programme for Secondary Schools

Yesh Va’Yesh is an innovative Hebrew programme for the 21st Century, designed to meet the needs of secondary students, in particular 11 – 14 year olds. Yesh Va’Yesh has been developed jointly by PaJeS and  the Center for Educational Technology (CET/Matach) in Israel, with the generous support of the Maurice Wohl Charitable Foundation and other funders.

The engaging approach of Yesh Va’Yesh develops students’ ability to communicate in Hebrew and achieve an appropriate level of attainment and linguistic competence in the four key skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing. The programme aims to increase student engagement with the Hebrew language, integrating elements of Israeli culture and education.

Additional Online Tools and Resources

CET have developed a range of additional online tools and resources for secondary schools, which can be used in conjunction with Yesh Va’Yesh or separately.

The Mechina Programme is suitable for Year 7 complete beginners and teaches the Alef-Bet and basic Hebrew vocabulary. It would also be suitable for students who join the school in Year 8 or 9 with no previous knowledge of Modern Hebrew.

The Palulan is a verb generating and practice tool, which includes digital exercises, and is suitable for Year 9 and above.

The My Studio tool allows teachers to create their own digital exercises and tasks.



For more information about Yesh Va’Yesh and the support we provide to enable teachers to implement the programme effectively, contact Shai Grosskopf [email protected]


Teacher Training Opportunities

For information on opportunities and requirements to train and qualify as a teacher of Modern Hebrew in the UK, please contact the London School of Jewish Studies.