Secondary Jewish Studies


In alignment with the Chief Rabbi’s recommendation that Jewish schools study Islam as their required additional religion at GCSE, we have been working in close partnership with the Woolf Institute in Cambridge to assist schools in an authentic manner. We have held various seminars for teachers on important aspects of Islam, delivered by Naved Siddiqi, an experienced speaker and social scientist, as well as producing a set of materials for use in the classroom.


Philosophy A-level

With the new Religious Studies A-level including a large section on Western philosophy and ethics, we have been assisting JS teachers in understanding and teaching these various challenging topics, attempting to do so in a way that compliments – rather than contradicts – the Jewish studies elements of the course. We are in the continual process of producing materials for teachers to use, as well as providing full day teaching seminars with engaging lecturers for both teachers and students.


Teaching Judaism

Continuing on from our successful 2016 conference on Teaching Judaism for other faith schools, we have mostly been running training days and twilights for individual schools and groups within various diocese, in London and further afield, including Bristol, Watford, St Albans and Birmingham. We bring in engaging speakers with the aim of bringing Judaism to life in the classroom, and plan on continuing this work to ensure as authentic a teaching experience as possible for schools that are new to the subject matter.