Shai Grosskopf


Shai joined PaJeS in 2019 as a Secondary Schools Ivrit Consultant. His roles include provision of support and guidance to Ivrit teachers and heads of department in line with each secondary school's specific needs. Shai provides training in the ‘Yesh Va Yesh’ programme, which was developed jointly by PaJeS and CET for secondary schools in the UK and overseas. Shai facilitates initial training and ongoing professional support for teachers in KS3 and KS4. One of his main professional goals has been to create and maintain a community of teachers, who collaborate to develop learning resources and provide peer support. Shai has a special interest in the use of technology to promote effective teaching, based on current research.

Shai has been teaching Ivrit alongside other subjects for over 20 years. Since 2014 he has been working as an Ivrit teacher at secondary schools in London. In addition to his work in schools, he has experience of teaching all ages and levels, from children to adults and from beginners to GCSE and A-Level. Shai is currently completing an MA in teaching Ivrit as a foreign language at Middlebury College, Vermont, USA. He also has a BA in Political Science and Sociology, an MA in Public Policy and Mediation.