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A message from our Executive Director, Rabbi David Meyer

Extended school closures has not been seen in this country since the World War.  

Whilst schools having been preparing for this eventuality for the past few days, delivering remote learning is complex and is going to place considerable pressures on the schools.

This is a new reality and one that will be challenging for us all. Methods of learning will need to change and the role of schools and parents in the education of their children will be transformed. PaJeS is working with schools, supporting governors and school leaders, as well as curating further education resources, methodologies and supporting guidelines.

We are also concerned about the wellbeing of all stakeholders and we are working with various communal organisations to see how we can best provide support in the coming weeks.

Perhaps the most important message is that throughout the generations, at times of adversity we have survived through our belief in G-d, and our working together with care, sensitive and ingenuity.