Thank a Teacher

It is time to say thank you!

We are all hugely aware of the challenges that school staff have faced over the past months.  They have coped with endless government U turns, unclear information, anxious colleagues and parents, all while trying to deliver the best possible educational provision for their pupils.  Currently they are educating alarming numbers of vulnerable children in school as well as providing remote learning. 

It is time we recognised and applauded the incredible efforts of our educational providers.

They may not appear to be on the front line as NHS workers are.  However, there is no doubt that they are making incredible sacrifices and playing an exceptional part in the fight against Covid.

It is for that reason that PaJeS is launching an initiative encouraging parents and students to send us words of thanks that we will display on our website so that school staff can see how much they are appreciated.  There is perhaps no better antidote to the challenges we face than uniting and celebrating the efforts of our dedicated professionals.

Please click here and show your appreciation to our wonderful schools and incredible teachers.