Thank a Teacher


Time to say thank you!

In January and February 2021 parents and students sent us words of thanks to display here so that school staff could read about how appreciated they are. There is perhaps no better antidote to the challenges we face than uniting and celebrating the efforts of our dedicated professionals.

You can no longer post a "thank you" but there are over 1,890 messages below from parents and students to all staff, both teaching and non-teaching, who work in our schools.

Just select a school from the drop down menu to see messages specific to that school. Here are some of the schools that participated:

Alma_Logo.jpg     Beit_Shvidler.jpg     Broughton_Jewish.jpg    Clore_Tikva.jpg    Clore_Shalom.jpg  Eden.jpg    Etz_Chaim.jpg    Gesher.jpg  Hasmonean_High_logo.jpg      Hasmonean_primary.jpg   Hertsmere_jpg_logo.jpg Immanuel_2019.jpg Independent.jpg     JCoSS2.jpg     JFS_logo.jpg     Kantor_King_Solomon.jpg     Kerem_Logo.jpg    King_David_Manchester_primary.jpg     Mathilda_Marks.jpg      MENORAH_Foundation.jpg    Nancy_Reuben.jpg     noam.jpg     North_West_London.jpg     Rimon.jpg       roshpinah.jpg     Sacks_Morasha.jpg     Simon_Marks_new.jpg sinai.jpg   Wohl_Ilford.jpg     Wolfson_Hillel.jpg   Yavneh_College_logo_RGB_small.jpg      Yavneh_Primary_logo_RGB_small.jpg