The Community Wellbeing Project

The Community Wellbeing Project is a pilot project in a number of primary and secondary schools.

In the current situation, whilst our work is online, we would like to share with you some of the initiatives and resources that we are using. We hope you will find them helpful and will be regularly updating them. Please let us know any feedback you may have at [email protected]

There are many positive traits and values that we have learned from the current crisis and we hope this experience will be a time to to recalibrate and embed new ones that will enhance our wellbeing.  

Please find below a useful powerpoint to be used at home or in school to highlight the good lessons in appreciation that we have seen over the last month.  The first one is designed for primary school aged children and the second for those at secondary school.

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Weekly wellbeing sessions for delivery during the current crisis


Heads Up Kids Back 2 School Programme
This programme was developed to support children’s wellbeing as they return to school

Blogs from our Wellbeing Practitioners

Back to school - Sarah Jacobs, JCAT Wellbeing Practitioner, June 2020
Kindness - Nicki Cohen, JFS Wellbeing Practitioner, May 2020
Children may be afraid of masks - here's how to help - Sarah Jacobs, JCAT Wellbeing Practitioner, April 2020
In the rush to return to normal - Nicki Cohen, JFS Wellbeing Practitioner, April 2020
Wellbeing for families - Jessica Overlander-Kaye, JCoSS Wellbeing Practitioner, April 2020