UJIA Living Bridge Programme


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Make your mark on the Jewish story

What we do
UJIA School to School Partnership Programme creates meaningful connections with schools of the same ethos in the UK and in northern Israel allowing them to learn with each other, from each other and about each other.


UJIA Magic Moments Programme brings a delegation of teenagers from the Western Galilee to the UK to spend a week with several Jewish communities, commemorating Yom Hazikaron and celebrating Yom Ha’atzmaut.


UJIA Ethiopian Bar/Bat Mitzvah Programme allows children approaching their transition into Jewish adulthood to pair their simcha with Ethiopian children living in Israel today, with the emphasis on informal education and Tzedakah.


What we offer schools
If you require further information please use the contact details above.

We offer schools and pupils the opportunity of joining and benefitting from any of our programmes.

Cost to school
Varies by individual programme

This is what schools say about us

"The partnership is giving UK children a true understanding of what Israeli children experience, helping them identify with Israel on a more personal level."