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A support service for families where the child (under the age of 18) has a formal mental health diagnosis which is serious enough to impact their functioning and family life at home. We work with the parents and siblings holistically to provide practical, emotional and therapeutic support. We do not work directly with the child with the mental health needs.   
020 8202 9297

JLC Community Portal
The JLC portal providing mental health and wellbeing support services for young people, parents and carers.

HI CHI have created the UK's first mindfulness meditation phoneline, for people who don’t have access to smartphones and wellness apps, so they can call to listen to mindfulness meditations, 24 hours a day. The meditations have been gifted and selected from the HI CHI mindfulness collection.
0330 120 1440
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Shy + Mighty
Helpful advice for shy children

Art Therapies for Children
Tailored one-on-one therapy and provision for primary school children
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Resources from Reshet for families at home


Key Link is a free service giving support for UK-based key workers


Healthy London Partnership, together with the Greater London Authority, have developed a mental health toolkit for schools to help support children with their emotional wellbeing and mental health - a growing priority for health services and schools. This toolkit is for school leaders and staff and provides a wide range of information and guidance on how to promote emotional wellbeing and mental health within schools. Click on the image to access the toolkit.