Vayikra - Community


In Vayikra we learn about laws and there is no apparent story line.  In order for the Jewish people to follow the laws and work effectively as a group, they needed to work together as a community in order to survive.

Learning to live cohesively as a community is so important for our wellbeing.  We can refer to the local community that we live in, our school community, the Synagogue community or the wider, British community.  We learn to respect each other, our differences, our values and to look out for one another.  These are all important positive attributes for the development and wellbeing of our children.

Listen to Tamara Reznick, JS teacher at Broughton Jewish Primary School give us her thoughts on learning about Community within the book of Vayikra.

To accompany the main pack, we have curated pieces of art to enable your students to explore depictions of Community. Nic Abery has also produced an instructional video to support you in bringing the art alive with your students. To access the art click here and for the video click here.