Wellbeing positivity slides


The following 'log-on' wellbeing positivity slides are based on the days of the week, with a theme for each day:

Week 4:

Mighty Monday

Thoughtful Tuesday

Wonderful Wednesday

Thankful Thursday

Friendship Friday

Click here for Week 1
Click here for Week 2
Click here for Week 3

There are 2 slides per day.

I suggest that teachers share them on screen in the mornings and afternoons whilst waiting for everyone to log on.

It is important that a brief starting point/ discussion takes place, so the children understand what they need to do.

The theme can be reinforced throughout the day.

Eg Thankful Thursday – the wellbeing focus can be gratitude, blending into PSHE or wellbeing sessions that day.

Literacy activities or class stories read live or pre-recorded can have the suggested wellbeing focus.

Thankful Thursday – stories would have a link to Gratitude.

Please let me know if you have any feedback.

Stay well and safe,

Sarah Jacobs
Wellbeing Practitioner - PaJeS