Wellbeing resources for parents

Understanding Girls: managing anxiety, friendships and striving for perfection

Dr Tara Porter gave this session aimed at parents of girls from Year 5 to Year 13. Click to watch the recording

The War in Ukraine: A talk addressing our children's anxiety and fear

Parents and teachers joined Dr Anna Colton, Clinical Psychologist, who provided useful tools and answered questions on how to manage children's anxiety and fear over the current situation in Ukraine. Watch the recording

Social Media: The impact on the future of our children

Over 400 families joined us for this important, informative evening discussing the impact of social media on young people and society today. Watch the recording here

Managing Early School Years

This course on Zoom was aimed at parents of children starting Reception at primary school. Drs Katie Russell and Anna Colton provided skills and practical tips to make this new journey as smooth as possible.


Welcome to Year 7!:

This three-week course on Zoom was for parents of students who starting secondary school. The course provided an understanding of the adolescent brain and provided practical tools to manage the early years of secondary school in order to make the transition smoother for you and your children.


Transition to Year 7

PaJeS invited all parents of children in Year 6 to join Dr Anna Colton and Dr Katie Russell who shared their knowledge and tips on managing transition into secondary schools. 
Watch the recording and view the presentation here