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#Hello Yellow


PaJeS are delighted to support the YoungMinds #HelloYellow campaign on Friday 8th October to raise awareness of World Mental Health Day. Thousands of schools will be encouraging pupils to wear something yellow as a reminder that we are not alone and we can all support each other.  PaJeS have produced resources for Jewish primary schools that can be downloaded here.

Mental Health Awareness Week: 10-16 May 2021


Welcome back to school!

Our excellent introductory Wellbeing inset was held for all JCAT staff with Dr Anna Colton and Dr Katie Russell who presented key themes in addressing their own wellbeing and how to manage the children’s wellbeing as they return to school this week.

Please see powerpoint and top tips for further information.

Return to School
A selection of assembly ideas and class-based activities plus information about Heads Up Kids Essentials


‘Log-on’ wellbeing positivity slides based on the days of the week Read more

Children’s Mental Health Week, 1st to 7th Feb 2021

The highlight of the week was keynote speaker, Dr Abi Gewirtz who spoke about essential conversations for anxious parents and worried kids Watch the event here
Resources, activities and ideas suggested for use in school Read more

Anti-Bullying Week 16-20 November 2020


Powerpoint presentation for form teachers to deliver to KS 2 classes during the campaign week, and suggested online videos for EYFS and KS1

Creating Safety in Uncertain Times
PaJeS, together with Heads Up Kids, invited school wellbeing coordinators, SENCos, SLTs and teachers to a 60 minute update session.


Early Career Teachers' Wellbeing
This ZOOM workshop gave Early Career Teachers an opportunity to reflect on the emotional consequences of the immense changes encountered in these last few months and how they can manage them. 

School Medical Guidance Meeting

The Wellbeing Travelling Library
Audio-visual, carefully selected, stories based around a message of positive wellbeing


Weekly Wellbeing Sessions
The Community Wellbeing Project team have developed weekly wellbeing sessions



Return to School

A selection of assembly ideas and class-based activities to support your school community as it comes back together.

Staying positive during lockdown
Powerpoint presentation for assembly

WHO - International Day of Persons with Disabilities, 3 December 2020
3 December 2020 was Disability Awareness Day and an opportunity to share a positive uplifting story.

What is Gratitude?
Robert Emmons, the world’s leading scientific expert on gratitude, says that gratitude has two key components to an affirmation of goodness Read more

Suggested assembly presentations
Download these Powerpoint presentations to use for assemblies:

Bullying - what is it and how can we stop it?
Living with uncertainty
Supporting your child in Year 11
Wellbeing in Year 12...why it matters!
Creating a daily routine
What is in your control

Resilience, Change and Gearing up for the Holidays 
PaJeS hosted a secondary school parents workshop with Harriet Beveridge