The War in Ukraine - Resources for Teachers and Parents

Jewish Refugee Taskforce

The UK will soon begin to see the arrival of refugees from the Ukraine and schools may want to think about the actions they can take to support them. PaJeS is on the Jewish Community Refugee Task Force to ensure that we can keep schools updated as to community efforts and ensure the community includes schools in their package of support for Ukrainian refugees. Click here for more information about how your school can help

A talk addressing children's anxiety and fear

Parents and teachers joined Dr Anna Colton, Clinical Psychologist, who provided useful tools and answered questions on how to manage children's anxiety and fear over the current situation in Ukraine.

Resource for teachers

One of the most challenging aspects of this war is the sense of helplessness we all feel, but it is important for our children to understand that there are positive actions they can take. Purim, a time of festivity and joy, was preceded by the Fast of Esther. The message is clear that before the celebration we need a period of introspection and prayer. PaJeS suggested that on the Fast of Esther, every school dedicate some time to praying for safety, wellbeing and peace for all. Please click below for our resource to support this initiative.