What is PaJeS?

Supporting Jewish Schools

The growth of Jewish schools is perhaps one of the greatest success stories of the Anglo-Jewish community. With over 37,000 children being educated in 120 Jewish schools in the UK, our schools play an essential part in ensuring the Jewish identity of the next generation.

Our schools have not just grown in number, but have progressed significantly in the quality of provision and the outcomes in both Jewish and secular studies. At both primary and secondary level, the community’s schools are recognised as among the top performing schools in the country.

PaJeS is at the forefront of Jewish education in the UK and is in close communication not only with the schools but also with the government and other stakeholders. PaJeS endeavours to listen to the needs of the schools and be guided by their advice. Through our close relationships with them and our links with leading educational experts, we are able to deliver the highest quality programming and training, designed to engender excellence in our schools.

Our Vision

PaJeS provides services, support and strategy to Jewish schools from across the whole UK Jewish community

Providing high level training programmes to promote professionalism and ensure outstanding outcomes representing needs of Jewish schools with governmental bodies

Creating resources, delivering teacher training and educational support

Centralising services to support schools in future planning, sustainability and financial savings